Ginger Tom Studios

Are you looking for someone to take photos of your wedding and make it memorable all time? Here we are, Ginger Tom Studios! Sounds as usual right? Here’s what Ginger Tom Studios offers, Candid and Modern photography. Our motto is, let the photos speak itself rather than giving a vivid account of the moment. We are a destination photographers based in Austin, Texas. Traditional photographers are best known for guiding the couple where to stand and how to pose, they even get to the ground zero like telling one to tilt their head slightly. But for Ginger Tom, the word “Modern” more relates to Candid. Yes, we’re doing Candid photography for wedding events.

A wedding is an auspicious event, for which everyone awaits and aspires to have it great. In fact, the whole day is a joyful day, ignoring the flaws and nuances occurred. But everyone wishes to keep the good and ignore the bad. Ginger Tom Studios does the same. The wedding couple doesn’t have to strain themselves just for the sake of a photo. Of course, the couple has to ensure their costumes and their accessories and wear a smile on the face. Leave the rest to us, our professional photographers know when to shoot a photo, we work along with the wedding decorators for better angles and light effects to get alluring photos. Yes, we bring the best of you.

smiling-students-with-backpacks_1098-1220Boycott the traditional when you can be the best by being yourself by being an Instant chat application. We believe and respect the decisions you made, so we won’t alter your plans and decorations. Photography is an art of capturing the auspicious moment as its best; our photographers are skilled in it, who would take control of the situation without one’s knowledge. For us, taking photos is not just a documentary work, but it’s an art. Our goal is to get one in a portrait with kind, uniqueness and innovative, to make one see joy when they see their photographs. Our photos are not just some pictures of a frame, it’s more than that, capturing the time, moment and keeping it still. Photography is our passion, and we take it seriously when it comes to a profession. We’ve our own lab for Clone Chat app and studio to make an album of hard copy and soft copy. We’ve exclusive facilities and infrastructure to make bring an outcome of your moments.

What’s so about Candid? Many people think of a photographer to assist them when it comes to photos. But Candid photos are meant to witness the moment live for all the time. Whenever one checks their photo, they should remember the joy that they had that time, not the instructions that the photographer asked them to follow, some might understand and admire the charisma of the photographer, indirectly though. But that’s not what we’re focused on; we’re mainly focused on your blessed day. And let not anyone worries about it, but only enjoys the moment. That’s how Candid photography works, and we’re delivering it with high standards.

We’ve come across many weddings and to be frank we still love clicking the moments more and more. We’re happy to take part of your happiness and your happiness is our happiness. To take a wonderful wedding photo, one should have Creativity and Uniqueness. Ginger Tom is known for its uniqueness and creativity. Our photographers are unique in their style and they bring the best and innovative ideas for photo shoots. Our team has its own vision of how to snap the perfect shots. We don’t just click photos; we get your wardrobe correct along with your makeup. We intimate the makeup artists to work on your makeup to bring the best of you. When we’re in control, then it’s fully our responsibility for the elegant photo. So our team is perfect in timing, we’re round the clock on your wedding event. We work to get the right photo of the right expression, right place at the right time. Couples want their occasion to be shot by not just any photographers, but one who is cognizant in photography.

Our team is par with the current trend, so it’s easy for us to understand the couple’s expectation and to satisfy them. We give aesthetic and realistic photos with great effects, which would bring the moment to live. We’re open to outdoor shoots, we’d love to travel far to capture your happy moments. Our team has a wonderful resource, who knows how to make the atmosphere elegant. We will make your day more classy and delightful. We do give tips and ideas on the spots because different cultures have different customs. For example, Hawaiian wedding will be different from the Mainland wedding. We give tips for different traditions and customary and assist them. We do post-wedding shoots, which will be one’s ever remembrance of their wedding. It’ll help to gain more intimacy and comfort between the couple. And the couple might have got an idea and would be more aware or have experienced from the previous shoot.

We do have skilled Photoshop workers to add effects to your photo. Through Photoshop we can rectify the nuances which you made at the place. Our after effects will blow your mind. And we use special software and tools to make your photo glow and standout. We’re pleased to make your wedding an ever rememberable and cherish the able moment of your precious life.